Understanding Your Master Key System

A Master Key System is a key plan whereby selected keys can open a number of pre-defined doors. Basically, it’s a system that allows two or more keys to open one lock. Master key systems have a series of locks that are individually keyed but having the added benefit of an overriding master key that can lock and unlock the entire series. With a traditional Master Key System, you need locks and keys that are the same make and model, then the locks must be rekeyed. The basic pin tumbler master locks use a master wafer/pin in between the key pin and the driver pin.

Most master key systems work in a hierarchical way, providing various levels of access and control for a secure site. For example, an apartment building owner can unlock all doors and locks however the tenant can only unlock one door. Or in a commercial working environment like an RSL club or licensed premises, a manager/employee will have one key that gives them access to the building, their office and perhaps a filing cabinet depending on responsibilities.

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Who Uses a Master Key System?

With a Master Key System, you’re able to control where your staff can and can’t go within your premises. It’s a feature that is used in the hospitality industry, particularly in hotels, motels and pubs. Master Key Systems are also used in hospitals and universities, schools, councils and public access areas. Camden Valley & Highlands Locksmiths will provide you with a consultation to determine the best master key system design for your application. Based on your requirements, we can recommend the most suitable master key system hardware and software to be installed.

Benefits of a Secure Master Key System

We will create a master key system that combines security and convenience:

Access Control – master key, sub-master key, maintenance keys

Security zones – rooms, departments, cabinets, lockers, facilities, areas

Apartment Complex – multiple key owners with common area access

Contractor Access – one key to access required areas

Security Personnel – systemised access and key management

SCEC Government Endorsement – high security products

Single Dwellings – split commercial zones and access

Key Management – systemised and supported by us

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Our Master Key System Partners

Entrust Your Master Key System with a Master Locksmith

Australian Lock Company

An Australian company that has been around for over 30 years and has won numerous awards for their unique and innovative designs. Their flagship range of BiLock High Security locks is an Australian success story. BiLock is easily master-keyed and can be found in some of the world’s most critical applications. As well as every type of industrial and commercial premises.

Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia (MLAA)

Was created to ensure that consumers have access to a professional locksmith with the skills needed to perform the highest quality of work. Members of the MLAA must be fully qualified and police-checked or hold a security licence/registration.All of which was designed to give the consumer peace of mind and confidence in the trades-person they’ve hired. All Master Locksmiths are bound by the MLAA’s code of ethics and the business they work for must be a registered company. They must also be licensed (where licencing is required) and be fully insured.

Locksmiths Guild of Australia

The Locksmiths Guild of Australia is a trade association which provides a range of services and support to its members. The Guild prides itself in the active involvement of its locksmiths members to promote and develop the craft of locksmithing through cooperation, mutual education and the exchange of knowledge and ideas. The Guild plays a further role by representing the interests of our locksmith members in dealing with suppliers and regulatory and/or legislative bodies. Together with our members we aim to ensure that our members maintain the highest possible ethical standards.


Created in 2001 with the objective being to develop a world-class access control system that is both simple to use and yet extremely efficient. A system that gives its users the ability to control their access and security needs without complex and expensive wiring. The result being the first stand alone battery powered access control locks.Today, Salto hardware and software can be networked without wires to provide real time intelligence and instant control. Thus enabling integration with existing systems to improve manageability and enhance the end-user experience.

Different Levels of Master Key Systems

Level 1: Keyed Alike System (KA)

Keyed Alike Systems is an arranged number of locks, setup to be operated by the same key; many locks operated by one key. This is the most basic type of master key system.

Level 2: Master Key System (MK)

Master Key Systems are used when there are a number of locks each having their own individual key, and also a key that will operate all the locks which are the master key. Using this system, holders of individual keys may open those locks that they are authorised to operate, while those in charge may open all the locks.

Level 3: Grand Master Key System (GMK)

A Grand Master Key System is an extensive system that requires locks to be master keyed in groups, with a master key to operate all locks within its own group but no other group and has a grand master key which will operate all locks in every group. Thus, people may be authorised to operate individual locks only, all locks in a group, or all locks within the system according to the need of the user.

Level 4: Great Grand Master Key System (GGMK)

The Great Grand Master Key System comprises of more than one grand master key system.The key,known as the great grand master key, will work all the grand master keyed areas underneath it.

Level 5: Great Great Grand Master Key System (GGMK)

This type of master key system is extremely complex and not often built. It comprises of more than one great grand master key system. The great great grand master key will open all the locks within the system below it.

Maison Master Key System

This system can be multi-level and is ideal for residential apartments, offices or facilities with common access areas to be accessed by individual keys. Each apartment or office has its own exclusive key that will NOT operate the lock to any other apartment/office but at the same time allows access to main entrance doors and common areas.

Construction Master Keying (CK)

Construction Keying is used where its necessary for contractors to gain entry during construction of a building. But entry by the same contactors key after the building/premises has been occupied or handed over.

At Camden Valley and Highlands Locksmiths & Security, we are the local experts in Master Key System design and installation. With expert consultation, you can achieve a convenient and highly secure master key system that’s perfect for your situation. Keeping to a strict approval process will ensure that the security of your master key system is not compromised. This is achieved by having a verification process in place for changing the key system and issuing any new keys.

BiLock Exclusive Agent Southern Highlands

Camden Valley & Highlands Locksmith and Security is a BiLock agent with access to BiLock Exclusive, New Generation and other BiLock products. Click here to find out more.

Administration of Your Key System

Clear and concise reports can be generated with the click of a mouse. Each report provides the complete key tracking from issue to return:

An inventory of keys in your control

Who has been issued keys

Where each key can access

Who can access specific doors

Generation of responsibility acceptance forms

Compromised doors from lost keys

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Key Management

All the required management tools are provided from the get go. Everything from inventory control to tracking is available in an easy to use software package. This keeps management of the system up to date, accurate and effective. But should the demands of the business call for expansion of your Key System or the networking with another system we are there to assist you every step of the way.

Creone key cabinet

Key Cabinets

Key Cabinets provide solutions for key management in various environments. They are available in different sizes and configurations, depending on your needs and requirements. You might own a fleet of vehicles and therefore have a large number of keys that frequently change hands. Obviously, you need your vehicles to remain secure so the keys must be kept organised and in safe hands. Key Cabinets offer safe and secure management of master key systems by enabling property managers to manage access and audit trails, to have total control over the security of their assets. Key Cabinets are available with a range of features, including key deposit slots, allowing the safe return of a key without needing to access the building.

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