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Key Cabinets provide solutions for key management in various environments. They are available in different sizes and configurations, depending on your needs and requirements. You might own a fleet of vehicles and therefore have a large number of keys that frequently change hands. Obviously, you need your vehicles to remain secure so the keys must be kept organised and in safe hands. Key Cabinets offer safe and secure management of master key systems by enabling property managers to manage access and audit trails, to have total control over the security of their assets. Key Cabinets are available with a range of features, including key deposit slots, allowing the safe return of a key without needing to access the building.

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Key Cabinets by Creone

Supplied through Creone is a key cabinet that offers a simple and flexible solution for key management in every environment. We also recommend Keywatcher products and can supply from a range of other reputable key cabinet manufacturers.

KeyBox basic

KeyBox Basic

Is equipped with a keypad for programming and entering personal codes. You can store anywhere from a few to several thousand keys in the basic system. Simple expansion is available if needed, allowing several key cabinets to be connected to a main key cabinet. Battery back ensures that the system’s availability is never a concern.

KeyBox System

This is an intelligent range of Keyboxes where the keypad has a display feature. This feature offers a great overview and simple programming. The system series can also be connected to a PC with administration performed using Keywin Light, where all events are logged and saved.This key cabinet is available in six different models offering 16, 29, or  216 key hooks or alternatively 6 smaller compartments.

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Was founded in 1979 and supplies key cabinets and value boxes to 25 countries. All of their key cabinets and value boxes offer total security for your keys and valuable items. They all come with code locks, allowing easy control of who has and doesn’t have access. There are also records stored that show the history of a selected door or key that can be viewed in the display.

KeyBox System

The System series is a flexible and intelligent range of Keyboxes where the keypad is complemented by a display, to provide a good overview and simple programming. The system series can also be connected to a PC and administration is performed using KeyWin Light, where all events are logged and saved. The key cabinet is available in different models with 16, 29 or 216 key hooks or, alternatively, with 6 smaller compartments. Up to 15 expansion key cabinets can be added on in any combination, which means that you can have up to 96 compartments in the same key management system, all managed by the same keypad.

The key cabinet is available in different models with 16, 29 or 216 key hooks or, alternatively, with 6 smaller compartments. Up to 15 expansion key cabinets can be added on.

Keybox light user interface.

KeyBox & KeyWin Light

KeyWin Light is a software that can be used with the System series for key cabinet and value box. You obtain monitoring and control by plugging a USB flash drive into the cabinet using a service code. The event log is also downloaded to the USB flash drive, which is then processed on a computer.

It is simple to add, delete or edit codes as well as to look up information in the event log and then to upload them to the cabinet again via the USB flash drive.



Key Cabinets and Secure Cabinets have multiple uses and applications. They can be used for the safe storage of firearms at police stations and gun clubs. Hospitals implement Key Cabinets to isolate high risk areas of infection and ultimately reduce the spread of infection. Key Cabinets are also used to secure drugs and harmful substances. Jewelers pack their valuable offerings in a Secure Cabinet every day after close of trade. Fleet owners and dealerships use Key Cabinets to control and track vehicle keys. In the hospitality industry Key Cabinets help set access levels to staff according seniority and provide secure access to personnel lockers. Universities and Colleges implement Key Cabinets to ensure the secure access to laboratories and research facilities. In the modern world, Key Cabinets and Secure Cabinets are an integral part of secure business facilities and safe homes.

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