August 5, 2015

On Wednesday November 3rd 2010, my Holden Commodores ignition barrel went on me, I was stranded at my dads house. I rang Holden to find out what I could do they suggested ringing the NRMA, which I did, the guy came and he couldn’t fix it, and they couldn’t tow me as the steering was totally locked on, he told me to ring a local locksmith.

So I rang 2 very local locksmiths at about 1pm in the Macarthur area, which I knew had mobile units, they both said no one can come out today, but they could get someone here tomorrow, I said but I cant move my car from my fathers house to get home, they didn’t really care, so I ditched them.

I got my hubby to come and get me and take me home so I could access the Internet. I immediately searched locksmiths in the Macarthur area, and I found Camden Valley Locksmiths, so I rang and Justin answered he was so helpful, he said I will ring you back shortly when I check that I have the correct barrel for your car. After about 20 minutes Justin rang back and said he did have the correct barrel for my car and that he could be there in about 1 hour to fix it, this was just so great, considering it was now about 3pm, and this locksmith was willing to come out at 4pm to fix my car. I would recommend Justin to anyone,he come out and got me on the road again within about 30 minutes. Thanks Justin and Camden Valley Locksmiths.